2NE1 - Lollipop (single)

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Big things are going to be happening to this K-Pop group, once they hook up with Interscope.

Press Release:
2NE1's first song was "Lollipop", digitally released on March 27, 2009.[6] The song was created for LG to promote their Cyon phone, and it was a joint release with Big Bang; the commercial/music video debuted on March 28, 2009.[8] Although it was not a promoted single (as it was an advertisement song, there were problems with network chart eligibility[9]), "Lollipop" proved to be a strong chart hit, going to #1 on various online charts[9] and topping music television network M.Net's online chart for four weeks in a row.[10] However, questions were raised about the group's future, as the song's success was attributed to the popularity of Big Bang.

Mid-2009-Present: Plans for America

As from late June to early July, 2NE1 is planning to head on over to America! The rookies, along with their YG producers, will be in Los Angeles, California, working on their next album with producers from the legendary Interscope Records. Interscope Records is one of the top entertainment companies in the United States, boasting big-name artists such as Dr. Dre, The Pussycat Dolls, The Black Eyed Peas, and Lady Gaga.

Interscope's chairman, Jimmy Iovine, recently showed his admiration for 2NE1, and apparently shares a good friendship with Yang Hyun Suk, founder of YG Entertainment. The two have been exchanging music ideas and are apparently starting to collaborate, with 2NE1 hoping to churn out hits akin to Interscope's other hip-hop acts. This collision of cultures is undoubtedly intriguing, but just to clear up any misunderstanding, 2NE1 is only working on their album - not promoting themselves in the US.

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2ne1 - Lollipop single

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