Dirty Sample – Sounds

1. Marijuana Sauce
2. Pleasure
3. The Day I Fought the Great White Bear
4. Clinton’s Fingers
5. 30 Mins for God
6. Dust Over Doubt
7. Dripping Sweat in Moscow
8. Antennae
9. Wonder What
10. Out There
11. The Take Souls Organ
12. Ernie Coombs
13. Love Sound
14. The Wonderful Mrs. Clayton
15. Open Eyelids
16. Everyone Lives Forever Here
17. To Smoke While Sleeping


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Word of Advice

We don't upload any of the links in this blog because, their are too many floating around anyway, and it's a waste of time. Some do it for points, while some do it for money. Well we don't do it that way here, as long as we can share and let you know what's cracking with those albums we're happy. These guys don't get a lot of exposure, and for damn sure some of them will never graze the mainstream air wave. By the way not sure if anyone actually read this stuff, but if you made it this far, The Beat Dangler thanks you.


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