Nas - Great Distress (The future of hip hop)

My Thoughts:
Brand new feed from Nas himself, spreading the TRUTH about the “state of hip hop,” and its current weak state. The hip hop comminity is very fortunate to have NAS lead the forefront. No other hip hop legends are stepping up to the plate.

No current downloads for the “watermelon” song though.

Nas Quote:

There is a period of great distress in the rap universe. There was a time when hip hop wasa form of empowerment. Now the coporate world is quickly diluting our culture for nothing more than profit. With the ever mounting forces of ridiculous behavior, and general bafoonery. Its only a matter oftime before hip hops permanent annihilation.

This is what the future holds if it don’t stop!

Vids Below:
Nas - Great Distress (This is what the future holds if it don’t stop)


Anonymous said...

I don't like Nas at all. In my opinion Hiphop is not dieing, even tough don't really decent has came out for a period of time. These years artist like Blu, Blue scholars, Shad K, Nujabes, Supasition(Kam moye), Pat D, Michita, DOOM and other artists have made music that I personally find better then the old skool hiphop.

lord vegan said...

i agree w/the above comment. furthermore, nas is not at the forefront of the hip hop community--he might be leading the charge in "hip pop" as one be lo aka one man army put it. (the bit about pop+hip hop, not nas) there are countless hip hop artists like seven star, soarse spoken, scienz of life, bocafloja, cyne, collective efforts, and countless others who are doing there part to preserve the hip hop culture. as for nas, see more on him in "hip hop and freemasonry." and one last example of many other true to the art hip hop artists doing their part:

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