Final Fantasy - Song Book [mahoroba] (2004)

Release Date Mar 10, 2004
Release Type Official Release
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu / 植松伸夫
Arranged by Yuji Hasegawa
Performed by Manami Kiyota / 清田愛未, Haruhiko Noda, Yuji Hasegawa, Kazuhira Degawa, Midas, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Jim Ediger, Nobuo Uematsu

Track List:

01 The Place I'll Return to Someday (instrumental)
02 Summer's Album -Eyes On Me Japanese Ver.-
03 Maybe, Goodbye
04 Town
05 Fisherman's Horizon (instrumental)
06 Walking on the Road, after the Rain
07 Forgetting the Dream of Tomorrow
08 Daguerreo (instrumental)
09 Evanescence
10 Revolving Light

Tracks Below:


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