Oboro Muramasa : The Demon Blade OST


Based on ancient Japanese lore, Murumasa: The Demon Blade plunges players into the mystical Genroku era, ruled by the skilled shogun Tsunayoshi Tokogawa. But this culture is threatened; Tokugawa's thirst for power leads to a conflict over the enormously powerful, though cursed, Demon Blades. Used in hatred, drenched in blood, the cursed blades condemn those who use them to tragedy, madness, and untimely deaths. As chaos spreads, denizens from the netherworld breach their realm as these malevolent swords summon evil spirits - and the Dragon and Demon Gods as well.

Featuring hand-drawn 2D art reflecting the heritage and tone of the storyline, Muramasa: The Demon Blade transports players into a little known mythology, envisioned by the creators of the critically acclaimed Odin Sphere. Players take on the role of a male ninja or female kunoichi, utilizing their ninja prowess to traverse the clever side-scrolling levels that feature vertical progression as well as the traditional horizontal stage advancement.

Tracks Below:

Take 5 - Songs to play during a date

Going on a date tonight? Don't know what to talk about with her? Forget all that, the answer is tracks that makes them think they are having a good time. You could be napping right next to them while they yap themselves to death for hours on end. As long as these tracks are bumping it's almost impossible to ruin your date. (Beat Dangler)

1. play the first three song that gets them in a dancing mood (if she smokes just the first song).
2. follow it up with an one old R&B (warning: avoid the song "Cupid").
3. it's time to lay down these secret tracks that gets their synaptic and dendrites firing.

Niles Philips – Rejunctio

01. Groove Stone
02. Dirty & Divine (ft. Tonkin)
03. Elastic Pleasures
04. Elastic Pleasures (Timewarp Inc Remix)
05. Gimme The Frosty Plate
06. Tjopt & Tjunky

Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada - The Alchemist Manifesto

01. The Grand Elixir
02. La Reja
03. El Pescador
04. Les Dunes D'Ostende
05. The Alchemist Manifesto
06. Gunpowder
07. Hacia Un Manana Mejor
08. Contra El Sol
09. Pelican
10. One Hundred Years
11. Carino

Fang Yuan – The Look

1. The Look
2. Inner Cry
3. Flow Recipe
4. Bland Practice
5. The Nuggets
6. May’s Little Joke
7. Don’t Want Nobody
8. Minstrels

The East Flatbush Project-First Born Overdue (Deluxe Edition)

01 Hush Feat. Stress & Dox
02 Tried By 12 Feat. DeS
03 Head To Head 2005 Feat. Stress & Dox
04 Inhale Feat. Stress & Fallon
05 Day In A Life Feat. Stress & Peter Pallis from
06 Thirsty Feat. Mirage Black & Stress
07 Who I’m Is Feat. Stress & Dox
08 Head To Head Feat. Ruste Juxx & Mirage Black
09 Ruste Juxx Feat. Ruste Juxx
10 718,973 Feat. Ruste Juxx & Mirage Black
11 A Madman’s Dream Feat. Payday
12 Everything We Spit Is So Hard Feat. E-Swinga, Bop
& Paul Cain
13 Tried By 12 (Instrumental) (Bonus)
14 Tried By 12 (Joe Budha Remix) Feat. DeS & Mr. 45
15 Tried By 12 (Scientists of Sounds “Laid To Rest”
Remix) Feat. DeS (Bonus)
16 Tried By 12 (Video) Feat. DeS (Bonus)

DJ Honda - IV

1 Let It Out feat. Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples) & Money Harm
aka Marvin Moore
2 Magnetic Arts feat. Mos Def
3 KGR & honda feat. Kool G Rap
4 Never Defeat Em feat. EPMD
5 Group Home Gangsta feat. Group Home
6 The Incredible feat. Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit)
7 D.R.E.A.M. feat. Sean Price (Heltah Skeltah)
8 Spinning feat. Buttah (The Rawcotiks)
9 That Knock feat. Problemz
10 Throw Your Hands Up feat. Ras Kass
11 City Of Miami feat. Garcia
12 Worldwide feat. P.M.
13 Another Day feat. The Kid Daytona & Juganot
14 30 Some Odd feat. Lord Tariq
15 Underdog By Nature feat. Rsonist (The Heatmakerz) & John Brackett

Dirty Sample – Sounds

1. Marijuana Sauce
2. Pleasure
3. The Day I Fought the Great White Bear
4. Clinton’s Fingers
5. 30 Mins for God
6. Dust Over Doubt
7. Dripping Sweat in Moscow
8. Antennae
9. Wonder What
10. Out There
11. The Take Souls Organ
12. Ernie Coombs
13. Love Sound
14. The Wonderful Mrs. Clayton
15. Open Eyelids
16. Everyone Lives Forever Here
17. To Smoke While Sleeping

DJ Moves – Instrumental Cripple

1.A B-Boys Prayer (One of ‘Em)
2.Infinite Universe
3.Pride and Ego
4.Passive Forces
5.Life and The Soul
6.The Only God is Me

Nas - Great Distress (The future of hip hop)

My Thoughts:
Brand new feed from Nas himself, spreading the TRUTH about the “state of hip hop,” and its current weak state. The hip hop comminity is very fortunate to have NAS lead the forefront. No other hip hop legends are stepping up to the plate.

No current downloads for the “watermelon” song though.

Nas Quote:

There is a period of great distress in the rap universe. There was a time when hip hop wasa form of empowerment. Now the coporate world is quickly diluting our culture for nothing more than profit. With the ever mounting forces of ridiculous behavior, and general bafoonery. Its only a matter oftime before hip hops permanent annihilation.

This is what the future holds if it don’t stop!

Vids Below:
Nas - Great Distress (This is what the future holds if it don’t stop)

Coco Jammaz - Top 5 (Classified Thugs: Profile #1)

My Thoughts:
Talib Kweli once said that "the real thugs, are the government." To all those thugs in the street, large street gangs, and to all the most dangerous of criminals. You ain't got shit on these "thugs." This is "thug" education at its finest..... It's the classified thugs playlist! Lets not forget that the Morgans are one of eleven families who own the Federal Reserve. So keep a keen eye for this playlist, as we take a tour of "classified thugs!" Today I introduce to you, J.P Morgan.

Be sure to check out "Coco Jammaz" other, past playlists, to get the latest and the greatest!

Classified Thugs: Profile #1:

J.P Morgan - John Pierpont Morgan (April 17, 1837 – March 31, 1913) was an American financier, banker and art collector who dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation during his time. In 1892 Morgan arranged the merger of Edison General Electric and Thompson-Houston Electric Company to form General Electric. After financing the creation of the Federal Steel Company he merged the Carnegie Steel Company and several other steel and iron businesses to form the United States Steel Corporation in 1901. He bequeathed much of his large art collection to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and to the Wadsworth Atheneum of Hartford, Connecticut. He died in Rome, Italy, in 1913 at the age of 75, leaving his fortune and business to his son, John Pierpont "Jack" Morgan, Jr.

His son, J. P. Morgan, Jr. took over the business at his father's death, yet never sought publicity, but instead helped create and control the Federal Reserve with 11 other banking families. As required by the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, the "House of Morgan" became three entities: J.P. Morgan & Co., which later became Morgan Guaranty Trust; Morgan Stanley, an investment house; and Morgan Grenfell in London, an overseas securities house.

J.P Morgans total networth: $28 billion in modern dollars.

Tracklist Below:

Vids Below:
Jordan Maxwell - The Laws Of The Land

Coco Jammaz - Top 5 (J Dilla Tribute Vol. 1)

My Thoughts:
Wheneva you feelin 4 some uh dat J Dilla on da go (work, school, or play) Coco Jammaz top 5's gotz ya backz! Look for more J Dilla tribute volumes in the future!

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Eminem - The Warning [disses Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon]

My Thoughts:
Just released!! War has been declared!

Track(s) Below:

Vid(s) Below:

Coco Jammaz Top 5 (The Recession is Over!)

My Thoughts:
That's right folks, you've seen it all over the news, and all over the internet...... the recession is officially, over! Now its time to party like it was 2035! Check the video below, especially to get the REAL scoop!!

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Tracks below:

Vid(s) below:
Glenn Beck and Peter Schiff Economic Tyranny

Coco Jammaz Top 5 (Weekend Blues Vol. 3)

My Thoughts:
Another weekend is here folks, and it's time to get drunk/laid! Let's be honest, your chances of getting laid by the finest girls you "really" wanna fuck tonight, are 5%. So when your feelin blue, you can count on Coco Jammaz Top 5 "Weekend blues playist" to pick you up, where you left off!

Be sure to check out "Coco Jammaz" other, past playlists, to get the latest and the greatest!

Tracklist Below:

Coco Jammaz Top 5 (Traveler's Rest Stop)

My Thoughts:
If it's traveling through the cosmos, or heading to an outing to Tijuana, Mexico for cheap beer, and prostitution. You can count on Coco Jammaz Top 5 "Traveler's rest stop" playlist, to handle those crucial, we'll deserved breaks!

Be sure to check out "Coco Jammaz" other, past playlists, to get the latest and the greatest!

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Andy Milonakis - We Never Sleep (Exclusive)

My Thoughts:
Andy Milonakis has never released any goddamn albums in his life. No singles released yet, so be on the look out for his next drop! Below is a video preview of his latest works!

Vids below:
WE NEVER SLEEP (Rich Hil, Dirt Nasty, Andy Milonakis)

Fulgeance - 3x7

1. Fulgeance - Revenge of the Nerd (4:14)
2. Fulgeance - Mamie The (5:52)

Dirt Crew - blow

Dirt Crew aka Peter Gijselaers and Felix Eder have been Moodmusic favorites since their early days in 2004 when “Rock The House” emerged on the MBF label out of Cologne. Their electro influenced house productions soon found their way to Moodmusic creating numerous hits like “808 Lazerbeam” and “Domino”, and the all-time classic remix of “Soul Sounds” from label head Sasse. Dwelling a few years in more dubbed out minimal sounds, Dirt Crew are back on the block with more of their original raw as fuck love of house music as we all like it. “Blow” is showing the true roots of these pioneers of European electronic house music, with influences ranging from early Chicago warehouse traxx, sophisticated mid-90s NYC inspired house productions and pioneers of UK dub house from the likes of Warp and DIY. “Deep Cover” is the perfect start, slowly evolving with a dubbed house feel and perfectly arranged vocal samples getting the biz done. Followed by “Rough Roads”, the theme stays the same, deep bass confiscating the groove, holding no hostages with a building arpeggiated synth line making the track as comfortable at home as well as in a hazy club at 5 am. The title track “Blow” brings more dirt to the game, throwing old school samples and deep keys into the mix with stunning results. Keeping the pace mid-tempo the groove just keeps going on, building a perfect soundtrack for those special nights. “Clap” is another sure shot DC production, layering synths and snippets of vocals into a frenzy of house bliss, ending in a FM synthhorn crescendo which could be from a Jovonn production from 1992. One of the highlights of the album is surely “Redux” - an old school stomper with a 2009 production to keep it fresh. Lending a touch from early Deep Dish this has the massively hypnotizing “hands in the air” factor in true Dirt Crew style. Already tested at the last Moodmusic Night at Panorama Bar, this was the highlight of the Sunday afternoon ! “Slope” is a darker affair with that well. wordandsound

01. Deep Cover
02. Rough Roads
03. Blow
04. Clap
05. Redux
06. Slope
07. Parade
08. Scenario
09. The Real Shit
10. Star

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