Coco Jammaz Top 5 (The Recession is Over!)

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That's right folks, you've seen it all over the news, and all over the internet...... the recession is officially, over! Now its time to party like it was 2035! Check the video below, especially to get the REAL scoop!!

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Glenn Beck and Peter Schiff Economic Tyranny

Coco Jammaz Top 5 (Weekend Blues Vol. 3)

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Another weekend is here folks, and it's time to get drunk/laid! Let's be honest, your chances of getting laid by the finest girls you "really" wanna fuck tonight, are 5%. So when your feelin blue, you can count on Coco Jammaz Top 5 "Weekend blues playist" to pick you up, where you left off!

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Coco Jammaz Top 5 (Traveler's Rest Stop)

My Thoughts:
If it's traveling through the cosmos, or heading to an outing to Tijuana, Mexico for cheap beer, and prostitution. You can count on Coco Jammaz Top 5 "Traveler's rest stop" playlist, to handle those crucial, we'll deserved breaks!

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Andy Milonakis - We Never Sleep (Exclusive)

My Thoughts:
Andy Milonakis has never released any goddamn albums in his life. No singles released yet, so be on the look out for his next drop! Below is a video preview of his latest works!

Vids below:
WE NEVER SLEEP (Rich Hil, Dirt Nasty, Andy Milonakis)

Fulgeance - 3x7

1. Fulgeance - Revenge of the Nerd (4:14)
2. Fulgeance - Mamie The (5:52)

Dirt Crew - blow

Dirt Crew aka Peter Gijselaers and Felix Eder have been Moodmusic favorites since their early days in 2004 when “Rock The House” emerged on the MBF label out of Cologne. Their electro influenced house productions soon found their way to Moodmusic creating numerous hits like “808 Lazerbeam” and “Domino”, and the all-time classic remix of “Soul Sounds” from label head Sasse. Dwelling a few years in more dubbed out minimal sounds, Dirt Crew are back on the block with more of their original raw as fuck love of house music as we all like it. “Blow” is showing the true roots of these pioneers of European electronic house music, with influences ranging from early Chicago warehouse traxx, sophisticated mid-90s NYC inspired house productions and pioneers of UK dub house from the likes of Warp and DIY. “Deep Cover” is the perfect start, slowly evolving with a dubbed house feel and perfectly arranged vocal samples getting the biz done. Followed by “Rough Roads”, the theme stays the same, deep bass confiscating the groove, holding no hostages with a building arpeggiated synth line making the track as comfortable at home as well as in a hazy club at 5 am. The title track “Blow” brings more dirt to the game, throwing old school samples and deep keys into the mix with stunning results. Keeping the pace mid-tempo the groove just keeps going on, building a perfect soundtrack for those special nights. “Clap” is another sure shot DC production, layering synths and snippets of vocals into a frenzy of house bliss, ending in a FM synthhorn crescendo which could be from a Jovonn production from 1992. One of the highlights of the album is surely “Redux” - an old school stomper with a 2009 production to keep it fresh. Lending a touch from early Deep Dish this has the massively hypnotizing “hands in the air” factor in true Dirt Crew style. Already tested at the last Moodmusic Night at Panorama Bar, this was the highlight of the Sunday afternoon ! “Slope” is a darker affair with that well. wordandsound

01. Deep Cover
02. Rough Roads
03. Blow
04. Clap
05. Redux
06. Slope
07. Parade
08. Scenario
09. The Real Shit
10. Star

Throw Me the Statue - Creaturesque

Paste 4 to Watch alums Throw Me The Statue have been quiet but busy since first breaking out in 2007, steadily racking up kudos and bona fides thanks to the lo-fi charm of their debut LP Moonbeams. Fortunately, they’re not prone to resting on their laurels, freaking out at shows, or any other number of fame-related occupational hazards: TMTS has just announced their sophomore album Creaturesque is finished and set for an Aug. 4 release via Secretly Canadian.
In the five years since Scott Reitherman began the solo-venture-turned-quartet, Throw Me The Statue has been garnering some lofty praise, especially in the wake of Moonbeams and some noteworthy turns at Sasquatch and SXSW. With Creaturesque, Reitherman and company are aiming to meet expectations and ratchet up their pop sensibilities by bringing iconic producer Phil Ek (Built to Spill, The Shins, Band of Horses) on board. pastemagazine

1. Waving At The Shore
2. Pistols
3. Tag
4. Ancestors
5. Noises
6. Snowshoes
7. Dizzy From The Fall
8. Cannibal Rays
9. Hi-Fi Goon
10. Baby, You’re Bored
11. Shade For A Shadow
12. The Outer Folds

J-Rawls - Hotel Beats Vol 1

1. 01 Intro Peace
2. 02 Red Peppers
3. 03 Requiem for Brooklyn
4. 04 Casina
5. 05 Janea
6. 06 A Game...
7. 07 Michelle
8. 08 Sunrise
9. 09 Hotel Lobby Theme Music
10. 10 Hold On To It
11. J Rawls - 4 A.M. (1:53)
12. J Rawls - The Get Up (0:55)
13. J Rawls - Light Shine (3:55)
14. J Rawls - Together (1:59)
15. J Rawls - Migraine (0:39)
16. J Rawls - Feelin' Swell (1:21)
17. J Rawls - The Go Between (1:08)
18. J Rawls - Two Girls (3:44)
19. J Rawls - Guess Who? (1:25)
20. J Rawls - Equinox (1:34)
21. J Rawls - Stand Down (1:28)
22. J Rawls - Bonus Track (3:49)
23. J Rawls - American Idol (Alt Version) featuring L.e (3:46)
24. J Rawls - American Idol (Inst Version) featuring L.e (3:44)

Coco Jammaz - Top 5 (Summer Memories Vol. 3)

My Thoughts:
Coco Jamma is at it once again, bringing you Vol 3. of "summer memories." He just can't enough of all the beautiful woman, and great summer weather. We gonna need more bumpin music, before that goddamn swine flu season arrives!

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Tracks Below:

Mux Mool - Fall In Love

1. Mux Mool - Test (remix)
2. Mux Mool - Dragon Princess
3. Mux Mool - Ladies Know
4. Mux Mool - Deal Breaker
5. Mux Mool - Bagaason

jj - n° 2

1. Things Will Never Be The Same Again
2. From Africa To Malaga
3. Ecstacy
4. Are You Still In Vallda?
5. My Love
6. Intermezzo
7. My Hopes And Dreams
8. Masterplan
9. Me & Dean

Céu - Vagarosa

Céu’s second album, arriving four years after her debut, finds her sticking to the style that brought her to the attention of the world music and hipster-lounge communities. She’s still mixing the relaxed grooves of her native Brazil with those of downtempo/trip-hop acts like Thievery Corporation; still throwing in surprisingly capable reggae grooves “(”Cangote,” the first full song on this CD, boasts a deep dub bassline and some extremely haunting organ); and still multi-tracking her vocals into a conversation. It’s a lilting yet heady blend that she pulls off with an utter confidence that’s fascinating in such a young artist. Brazilian music has an innate lightness that Céu engages with on basically a molecular level. Her songs flirt with a Tom Waits-like clatter sometimes, but always resolve themselves into drifting bliss. Her psychedelic take on Jorge Ben’s “Rosa Menina Rosa,” the only song on Vagarosa she didn’t write, works itself into a whirling storm of reverb and phasing effects, yet never loses its essential breeziness even as the throbbing bassline heads nearly into “Journey to the Center of the Mind” territory. Computer-generated vinyl crackle turns up on the album intro, as well as “Somnambulão” (”Sleepwalking”), the most ordinary song on the album and one which almost lives up to its title, though some dubwise melodica livens things up. The last track, “Espaçonave,” throws in field recordings of rain forest creatures and multi-tracked vocals alongside fuzzed-out guitar, creating a feel reminiscent of the work of similarly brilliant Mexican art-pop princess Natalia Lafourcade. This is an extremely impressive, assured album well worth a listener’s time, whether one speaks Portuguese or not.

1. Sobre o Amor e Seu Trabalho Silencioso
2. Cangote
3. Comadi
4. Bubuia
5. Nascente
6. Grains de Beauté
7. Vira Lata
8. Papa
9. Ponteiro
10. Cordão da Insônia
11. Rosa Menina Rosa
12. Sonâmbulo
13. Espaçonave

Coco Jammaz - Top 5 (Audit The Fed)

Press Release:
On procedural grounds, the Senate blocked a bid to permit the U.S. comptroller general, who heads the investigative arm of Congress known as the Government Accountability Office, to audit the Federal Reserve system and issue a report.

Republican Senator Jim DeMint, who has been pushing for greater transparency at the Fed, failed to get the provision attached to the must-pass annual spending bill that includes funding for the GAO for the upcoming 2010 fiscal year.

The audit would have included details about the Fed's discount window operations, funding facilities, open market operations and agreements with foreign central banks and governments, DeMint said on the Senate floor.

"The Federal Reserve will create and disburse trillions of dollars in response to our current financial crisis," DeMint said. "Americans across the nation, regardless of their opinion on the bailout, want to know where the money has gone.

Article Link (FULL ver.)

My Thoughts:
On July 6, Congressman Ron Paul's bill H.R 1207, to audit the FED, failed.

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Tracks below:

Vid(s) Below:
DeMint Amendment to Audit Federal Reserve Blocked by Senate Leadership

Apollo Cream & Sugar Joe - Some Old Bari Beats Vol.II (A Collection Of Dusty Instrumentals)

01. (04:38) - Enerjia ( Apollo Cream & Sugar Joe)
02. (04:48) - Ganzo ( Sugar Joe)
03. (01:26) - Lude #6 ( Apollo Cream)
04. (04:12) - Tha Way ( Apollo Cream)
05. (03:30) - WeDontGiveAFuck ( Apollo Cream)
06. (03:23) - Now Rec ( Apollo Cream)
07. (04:32) - Il Curdo Crudo ( Apollo Cream & Sugar Joe)
08. (03:49) - Henan Fight Move ( Sugar Joe)
09. (01:36) - Lude #7 ( Apollo Cream)
10. (05:19) - Vincenzo ( Apollo Cream & Sugar Joe)
11. (05:39) - Kipong ( Apollo Cream & Sugar Joe)
12. (03:38) - Cartman ( Apollo Cream)
13. (03:09) - Sunlight ( Sugar Joe)
14. (02:11) - Wut About Dreams ( Apollo Cream)
15. (05:41) - Specialism ( Apollo Cream)
16. (04:16) - MicheleLaMerda ( Apollo Cream)
17. (03:19) - LeChuck I ( Apollo Cream)
18. (05:12) - Big Babol ( Apollo Cream)
19. (04:29) - The Babel Tower ( Apollo Cream)
20. (04:37) - Funkoolo ( Apollo Cream)

Little Dragon - Little Dragon

1. Twice
2. Turn Left
3. No Love
4. Recommendation
5. Constant Surprises
6. Forever
7. After The Rain
8. Place To Belong
9. Stormy Weather
10. Test
11. Wink
12. Scribbled Paper

Coco Jammaz - Top 5 - Weekend Blues Vol. 2

My Thoughts:
Another weekend is here folks, and its time to get laid! Fuck those club joints, tell the DJ to spin this shit! Oh wait minute, that's right, your DJ's a sellout, and he sucks!

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Track(s) below:

Coco Jammaz - Top 5 (Christian Targets)

Press Release: (July 13th 2009)
At least four people have been killed and 32 wounded in a wave of bomb attacks targeting churches in Baghdad, a security official said. The four dead, all Christians, died Sunday (local time) when a car bomb exploded near the Notre Dame church in Palestine Street in the east of the capital around 7:00pm, the official said.

Article Link: (FULL)

My Thoughts:
As of July 13th, this is the very first time, suicide bombers are exclusvely targeting "christians," and their churches in Iraq.

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Track(s) Below:

Vid(s) below:
Christian Churches Being Targeted In Iraq

Coco Jammaz - Top 5 (Supranational Currency)

Press Release:
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev illustrated his call for a supranational currency to replace the dollar by pulling from his pocket a sample coin of a “united future world currency.”“Here it is,” Medvedev told reporters today in L’Aquila, Italy, after a summit of the Group of Eight nations. “You can see it and touch it.”

The coin, which bears the words “unity in diversity,” was minted in Belgium and presented to the heads of G-8 delegations, Medvedev said.

Article Links (full ver.):

My Thoughts:
Very first time, these coins have been shown on mainstream!

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Track(s) Below:

Vid(s) below:
New World Order Currency Announced

Coco Jammaz - Top 5 (Kim Jong ill's exclusivez)

My Thoughts:
Things are just starting to heat up in summer 2009. Kim Jong ill is chillen, and he's chillen hard.. Most likely, he's thinking about that next missle test. This playlist here is dedicated to his savagery, ruthlessness, and militant style.

Tracks Below:

Vid(s) below:

North Korea: Testing of a nuclear missile in the sea

Charlotte & Magon - Love Happening

1 Vagalam 3:43
2 Mon Amante 3:28
3 All My Sorries 3:50
4 Howard 3:23
5 Rivage 2:25
6 Waves 3:08
7 Dead Sea 3:38
8 I Love You, You Are My Friend 2:15
9 Nine Cloud 5:36
10 Sounds Like an Ending 1:39

After meeting and communicating over the internet for 2 years, Magon (Israël) invited Charlotte (France) to meet him in the real world and to create an "authentic and marvelous" pop album together in 12 days.
Charlotte, curious and instinctive, agreed to the invitation, booked a flight, and they met concretely for the first time in March 2008 at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel-Aviv.
They composed 9 songs and fell deeply in love. Their love became the core of the songs and brought to their music a timeless universality.

Other then it's obvious meaning, "Love Happening" is also a reflection on the 60's and 70's, when artists were spreading their work on the streets, transforming a normal day into an unforgettable creative moment.
The sweet and catchy melodies sung with passion and playfulness, the energetic rhythmic section, the groovy guitars and bass, the lyrical pianos and the psychedelic synth’s create an intelligent pop inspired by its faith in love.
On stage, joined by talented musicians, the couple shares their love with an almost cinematic presence.


Yonlu-A Society in Which No Tear is Shed Is Inconceivably Mediocre

01 - I Know What It’s Like ( 3:03)
02 - Boy And The Tiger ( 5:44)
03 - Humiliation ( 1:57)
04 - Polyalphabetic Cipher ( 3:57)
05 - Q-Tip ( 3:33)
06 - Little Kids ( 1:20)
07 - Katie Don’t Be Depressed ( 3:43)
08 - Deskjet (Remix) ( 1:17)
09 - Estrela, Estrela ( 3:21)
10 - Olhe por Nós ( 1:55)
11 - Suicide ( 1:59)
12 - Luona ( 3:34)
13 - Phrygian ( 1:30)
14 - Waterfall ( 3:53)

The story behind Yonlu is one of tragedy and beauty. A young man from the
city of Porto Alegre, it can be hard to find one’s identity in a Brazilian
city off the beaten path. Writing hundreds of songs in his youth, he
committed suicide at age 16 with nothing but his online community of fans and
the sounds he offered them. Sounding something like a cross between a lo-fi
Caetano Veloso meeting the guitar stylings of Nick Drake. This is a showcase
of the sounds of a soul lost between the lines, and fortunately he left
behind a taste of a young mind working wonders.

Horie Yui - HONEY JET!!

Press Release:
Lol I think I’m one of the few lucky souls to actually get this album today. So I shall review today, before her album is officially out in Japan(this coming Wednesday, ,15th July 2009). LOL.

Honey Jet!! is Hocchan’s 7th album. The cover art of the album is really colorful. I heard that the posters promoting her Honey Jet!! in Japan is also colorful! I actually have the mini poster but it’s not as big and colorful as that. XD

The Limited Edition of Honey Jet!! actually comes with a special jacket that encloses the CD and the extra content - picture booklet. Retail price is at 3,000 yen, which is the same price as the Regular Edition. Really worth the buy since I think the Regular Edition is only a jewel-cased album.

01. moment
02. JET!!
03. Secret Garden
04. prism
5. バニラソルト
6. スピカ
7. silky heart
8. Get up and Go
9. Peppermint Days
10. Love Countdown
11. Blue Rainy Days
12. 君のそばに
13. Dear…

Tracks Below:

Vid(s) below:

Quantic And His Combo Bárbaro -Tradition In Transition

Press Release :
On the crest of a burgeoning worldwide wave of interest in the lesser-tapped sources of music from the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa, Quantic and his new band, the Combo Bárbaro, are leading the charge. The stunning album, ‘Tradition In Transition’ (out on Tru Thoughts in July), and upcoming live tour of selected spots in Europe and America throughout August and September, will see this international cast of acclaimed musical creators fusing those rediscovered psychedelic, experimental and rhythmically rich sounds of the past with deep funk and soul elements, giving life to an explosive sonic snapshot of the eclectic and ever-evolving musical landscape of the Americas.

In 2007 Will ‘Quantic’ Holland moved to Cali, Colombia’s third largest city, to pursue his passion for both unearthing lost treasures from Colombia’s musical past and making new music with the golden array of talent available today. As a travelling music maker/DJ, continually searching for unconventional destinations to both find and showcase his music, Holland found it to be a rewarding move, and Colombia was to prove a perfect home-base to fuel his remarkably prolific creativity.

Since he settled in Cali, Holland has set up an analogue studio and recorded and released two albums (2007’s highly lauded ‘Tropidelico’ by The Quantic Soul Orchestra; and the debut from his tropical-dub side project Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno, in 2008) featuring some of the cream of Cali musicianship. Upon realising the potency and sheer depth of quality present in these players, Holland assembled his Combo Bárbaro (literally translating as ‘group of barbarians or people from outside Europe’) to take up the baton from The Quantic Soul Orchestra in the realisation of the next phase of his musical vision.

The stellar array of musicians at the core of the Combo Bárbaro are: pianist Alfredo Linares, who wowed the sell-out crowds with his virtuoso performances on The Quantic Soul Orchestra’s 2008 tour; Freddy Colorado, the energetic, charismatic cornerstone of the Cali music circuit, on congas; Fernando Silva on baby bass; William Holland himself on electric guitar; and London-based drummer and long time Quantic collaborator Malcolm Catto, also well known for his own band The Heliocentrics, in fine form.

‘Tradition In Transition’ also benefits incalculably from the talents of veteran Brazilian writer, arranger and musical innovator Arthur Verocai, who scored and directed a 12 piece string section on several themes. Legendary Panamanian soul singer Kabir lends his rich vocal tones to two tracks; Indian-born singer Falu, now based in the USA, brings her beguiling mix of North Indian Classical and rock-influenced vocal styles; and Pacific folklore singer and award-winning songwriter Nidia Góngora contributes her beautiful song “Un Canto A Mi Tierra”.

In crafting the sound of Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro, Holland felt it was imperative to have the core stable of musicians in the same room, creating an organic dialogue between them – a simple rule which, in an age of drum machines, samples and voice correction, is all too often overlooked. People will be instinctively drawn time and again to revisit the music made in this traditional, substantial way, undoubtedly because strange, unexpected things take place, musicians improvise and exciting musical statements are made, and this was the environment needed for the recording of ‘Tradition In Transition’.

The result is a multi-cultural patchwork – a record bathed but not exclusively rooted in Colombian musical culture, embracing the musical range of all the American continent – honouring and utilising its contributors’ individual backgrounds while conjuring up a unique brand of contemporary music that is a joy and a celebration to listen to, and a live experience that defies comparison.

1. The Dreaming Mind Part 1
2. Mas Pan
3. Linda Morena
4. Undelivered Letter
5. Un Canto A Ma Tierra
6. Mambo Los Qauntic
7. Albela
8. New Morning
9. I Just Fell In Love Again
10. Cancao Do Deserto
11. Arianita
12. The Dreaming Mind Part 2

Strange Fruit Project - From Divine

1 Intro
2 Feel
3 Stand Up
4 A Place
5 Ooh Wee
6 Waitin'
7 Clap Yo Hands
8 Aquatic Groove
9 Keep It Moving
10 In the Garden
11 Tropical Rum
12 Maintain (Liquid Soul Mix)
13 Hypnotix
14 The Night/Outro
15 Backdrop (produced by Illmind)
16 From Divine (unreleased)

Strange Fruit Project - Soul Travelin'

1 Intro
2 Luv Is
3 The Dotted Line
4 Cloud Nine
5 All The Way
6 Move
7 Honey
8 Oh Yeah
9 Eternally Yours
10 Recreate
11 Soul Travelin'
12 Oxygen
13 Remember My Face
14 Strange
15 Speed Bump
16 Gotta Lotta
17 In The Sun
18 Long Way

Strange Fruit Project - The Healing

2.Ready Forum
3.You (The Only Ones)
4.Under Pressure
5.Good Times
6.Liberation - (with Toby)
7.Get Live - (with Erykah Badu)
8.Soul Clap
9.Special - (with Thesis)
12.Cali Cruisin - (with Deloach)
14.God Is - (with Darien Brockington)

Flying Lotus - July Heat

On the heels of brilliant success from early remixes and 2007's Reset, Flying Lotus releases yet another little gem of a record with Los Angeles. Lovingly adorned FlyLo by fans, Flying Lotus has always produced a fresher than fresh (mostly instrumental) electronic hip-hop sound. Ultra cool, futuristic, and representative of everything at the forefront of the title city's hip-hop and electronic music scenes, Los Angeles continues FlyLo s tricked-out lounge vibe just as well, if not better, than their previous releases. The liquidity of the tracks flows so well that it feels like a continuous stream and the next thing you know you re listening to Track 17. The EP's best new tracks include the outerspacey ''Beginners Falafel,'' the percussive and janky ''Camel,'' the lush and complex neo-soul ''RobertaFlack'' featuring Dolly (reminiscent of FlyLo's delicious remix of Mia Doi Todd s ''My Room Is White''), and the culminating pulsating ''Auntie s Lock/Infinitum'' featuring the soft vocals of Laura Darlington. Los Angeles is a beautifully complex and widespread full-length from one of LA's most creative and perceptive music producers. --Urb

1. WWWdot (3:03)
2. Lonely beer bottle1 (1:23)
3. Sketchbook (2:20)
4. Litermeter (2:22)
5. Fantasticwhore (2:11)
6. Rest ez (2:31)
7. Loop exec (2:17)
8. Braincavity1
9. Nidocin
10. Axelrod out
11. Beautifulaccidents
12. Ringwormcirce
13. Ankleboybackyard
14. Old man elephant
15. Next phase short
16. Wombat college
17. Ganesh
18. Anything
19. Cry for help
20. Ce saw

Ikio Ayaka – RE: Acid Queen

Press Release:
Ikio Ayaka’s debut EP, ‘RE: Acid Queen” is an injection of heavy electronica. Fuzzy bass synths, heavy dance beats, and Daft Punk-esque vocoder vocals make up the album. If you’re a fan of Tiga, Mstrkrft or Justice then this album is worth checking out.

01. RE :
02. SpinMe Round
03. Mess Up My Body
04. LoLLy PoP
05. Pain Killer
06. Spiral Storage
07. Spin Me Round (cargo REMIX)

Track(s) Below:

Vid Below:

Ayaka Ikio - GOSSIP (2nd Mini-album)

Press Release:
This is Ayaka Ikio's second mini-album. Giving a song to song review would be pointless, given the fact that the songs are basically the same. BUT that doesn't mean that it's bad, of course! She has a strong electronica influence and if you like the artists under 'Fans Of', you'll certainly like this girl.


01 Get Out
02 Plastic Baby
03 Cat's Free
04 Anarchy In The UK
05 Spider Web
06 Scream
07 Groove Is Mine

Track(s) Below:

Vid Below:


Press Release:
In addition to their major debut album DANCE FLOOR MONSTERS, set to go on sale on July 8th, the telephones have also announced the release of their first live DVD for August 26th. SUPER DISCO Hits!!! the telephones ONE-MAN SHOW!!! will feature footage from their first one-man concert, which was held in December last year at Harajuku Lafforet Museum, with a total of 23 songs.

The DVD, released as a double-disc set, will also contain four music videos and further live footage, this time from their performance at Shibuya DUO Music Exchange on May 30th 2008, the last date from their promotional tour for the album JAPAN, released in January last year.

01. D.A.N.C.E to the telephones!!!
02. Baby, Baby, Baby
03. Urban Disco
04. Monkey Discooooooo
05. Catastrophe
06. Hopping Shower
07. Jabberwocky
08. Dance With You
09. Perfect World
10. Dead Men
12. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (My Life Is Beautiful)

Track(s) Below:

Orange Pekoe - Crystalismo

Press Release:
orange pekoeの、1年7ヶ月ぶり6枚目のオリジナル?アルバム! 人気アニメ『リストランテ?パラディーゾ』の主題歌「マリーゴールド」収録! 持ち味であるジャズ、ラテンなど世界の音楽の万華鏡的エッセンスのブレンド的センスに加え、本作では斉藤良、岡部洋一(ROVO、The Thrillなど)などの参加により、より印象的で強力なリズムを生み出し、特にリード曲「クリスタリズム」では70'sソウルをモダンに解釈し幸福感あふれる開放的なGrooveを完成。まさに"新境地"といった作品になっている。収録曲「ゆらぎ」は「北國銀行 夏の感謝祭り」TVCM決定!


01. Theme of "CRYSTALISMO"!
02. Crystarhythm (Long Version)
03. Music is Freedom
04. Introduction~yuragi
05. Yuragi
06. Sparkle Journey
07. Introduction -Didgeridoo
08. Shinpi
09. Marigold
10. Odoru Hoshi
11. Utopia
12. Spica

Track(s) Below:

Coco Jammaz - Top 5 - (Weekend Blues vol 1)

My Thoughts:
The weekend is here, and its time to get laid! Even if its some fat, horribly ugly looking bitch, it still counts! The much anticipated, first volume of "Weekend Blues" is here! This will be continuous, week after week, so make sure you don't lose ur grandma's shit stained panties!

Whether it be washing the car, or not getting laid, after those wack ass clubs. You can count on "Coco Jammaz" Top 5 playlists, to get yo azz, back into high gear!

Be sure to check out "Coco Jammaz" other, past playlists, to get the latest and the greatest!

Track(s) below:

Coco Jammaz - Top 5 (Earth Data Collections Vol 2)

My Thoughts:
This playlist was designed specifically, for outdoor use. Designed simply to over-power any opponent/chump who seems to be playing bullshit, over their speakers, during your working hours, or maybe at your brief breaks at the wi-fi cafe. So when strangers come you to you and say, "hey, dude what the fuk is that track!?" You tell em, its a "yellow beat baby blogspot exclusive," playlist!

Due to the top secret nature of our ultra sensitive data collection service, provided by I.S.S (International Space Station). Our playlist library of tracks are black list classified, until further notice from "top cosmic clearance" representatives. Thank you for your cooperation!

Be sure to check out "Coco Jammaz" other, past playlists, to get the latest and the greatest!

Track(s) below:

Clazziquai Project - Mucho MUSICA

Press Release:
Clazziquai Project's 4th Album - Mucho MUSICA released on July 1 in Japan

1. Kiss Kiss Kiss
2. Love Again
3. Tell Yourself -Original Mix-
4. Spinning the World
5. The Road
6. Affection
7. Take a Walk
8. Back in Time
9. Chocolate Truffles
10. The World of OZ
11. Back To Mind
12. Flea

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2NE1 - 1st Mini Album

My Thoughts:
There's a little bit of tagalog in track 4. Now, thats gangsta!

Press Release:
The tracks are out, but their sale figures should speak for itself - over 50,000 pre-orders for 2NE1's first mini-album. Although I was never a huge fan of Lollipop or Fire, I'm absolutely addicted to their latest single, "I don't care." 2NE1 will be performing "I don't care," and "Pretty boy" on the July 10th episode of KBS Music Bank.

Check out the new tracks below, what do y'all think?!?!

1. Fire
2. I Don't Care
3. In the Club
4. Let's Go Party
5. Pretty Boy
6. Stay Together
7. Lollipop (Bonus Track)

Track(s) below:

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The John Betsch Society - Earth Blossom

A beautiful session of spiritual soul jazz -- and one of the rarer albums on the legendary Strata East label! The obscure combo is led by drummer/percussionist John Betsch -- and instrumentation includes guitar, piano, electric piano, and reeds -- all used with plenty of warm touches, and a few sharp edges -- all very much in the best Strata East mode of the time! The tracks have a soaring sort of sound -- similar to some of the Keno Duke material on the label, but also touched with some trippier edges too -- a great blend that really brings a lot of depth to the session, and which has made this one of our favorite Strata sides over the years. Titles include "Song For An Untitled Lady", "Ra", "Get Up & Go", and "Ode To Ethiopia". (Dusty Groove).

Bovill - Transfesa

It’s always a red letter day when a new Meanwhile release comes out and this is the long awaited second solo EP from the man like Bovill. Conceivably, for me anyway, his finest selection of tracks to date this comes a 4-tracker to savour from beginning to end. He has a style and flow that I really envy, I’ll admit, as he keeps it stripped back, fresh and authentically bumpy but without sounding anything other than utterly contemporary. From the first track with its lush chord stab progression and hypnotic 4/4s you know you’re in for some quality and sure enough, by the time you’re into the tight, funky organ stab-based second cut you can really sense the blend of the purest of house and techno vibes. From there it manages to get deeper and deeper culminating in the last track, my personal fave, which sounds exactly like it came straight out of the Motor City. Stupendous pads and chords flow around a deep, deep bass and some awesome percussion work - frisky, yet laid back and full of soul. This is pure gold from a producer who’s totally at home with this kind of machine funk music. Recommended without any hesitation and an east contender for my techno record of the year so far.

1. Bovill - Transfesa
2. Bovill - Qsg2
3. Bovill - Trescore
4. Bovill - Slinky

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