Solar Plexus - Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus for Inner City from 1979.
Flute,Sax - Glenn Richardson / Keyboards - Denny Berthiaume/ Trumpet,Percussion - Randy Masters/ Vocals ,Percussion- Lin McPhillips /Bass- MickeyMcPhillips/Drums,Percussion-Russ Tincher/Kenneth Nash-Percussion

The third lp from Randy Masters' Solar Plexus which continues to plough the latin jazz fusion furrow to great effect.Check out the long intro cuts on each side of the lp "Voa, Quetzali!" & "Xango-Bahiana" for the best moments and give a wide berth to "Stutz Bearcat" which is a real stinker.

Here's the write up at Kosmigroove from Eric Golub who joined the band after this lp:
Co-founded by trumpeter/composer Randy Masters and keyboardist/composer Denny Berthiaume. Featured rather complex arrangements, with Masters' compositions favoring Brazilian elements, and Berthiaume's wedding fusion and third stream concepts.
The 'classic' group represented on "Voices" and "Solar Plexus" featured a front line of Glenn Richardon on reeds/flute, Masters on trumpet, and Lin McPhillips providing female vocalese a la Ursula Dudziak. In 1979, I joined the group, my violin and viola replacing McPhillips' voice, and I can be heard on "Earth Songs". The group disbanded in 1981.
All the key players remain active, mostly in the San Francisco Area.

Track(s) below:
Solar Plexis - Xango Bahaina
Solar Plexis - Nevadan Madam


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