Robin Jones - Denga (1971)

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Robin Jones for Apollo Sound from 1971.
A swift OIR repost from 2 1/2 years ago for the cheeky south london bastard!

Old school latin jazz from Robin Jones-this lp was dug up from obscurity by Paul Murphy in the early 80s and hammered at the Electric Ballroom, The Wag and Jazzrooms around the country.He picked up a supply of copies and sold them from his shop in Soho which is where I got mine.

Essentially a library lp this was released by Apollo Sound and recorded straight to two track with no overdubbing at CTS Studios in London.The quintet was made up of Robin Jones-Drums and Percussion;Tony Uter-Congas;Simon Morton-Bongos;Percy Borthwick-Bass;Olaf Vas-Bass;Ian Henry-Piano.The music falls in to two broad rhythmic genres-Afro-Cuban and Brazilian and was an attempt to capture the more "tipico" feel of latin music.Jones had played bongos for Edmundo Ross in the 60s and Borthwick had been a session musician working with Chocolate Armenteros andCharlie Palmieri.Heres a bit more info about Robin Jones from Ubiquity:

Master percussionist of world renown, Robin Jones enjoys an envied musical pedigree not only as the leader of King Salsa and the Robin Jones Latin Jazz Sextet. He has always been a busy session musician working with major artists around the globe. While in Paris in the 60s, he played with Bud Powell and Johnny Griffin. He also performed regularly at the Blue Note with Chet Baker, played on John Barry's early music, plus worked in the studio with Elton John on his first album "Tumbleweed Connection". He also played and recorded with many other jazz greats including Al Casey, Barney Kessell, Tal Fralow, Ben Webster, Lucky Thompson, Art Farmer, Sonny Stitt, Red Rodney and Stan Getz.

Incidentally this rip is from cd as my lp was immersed and wrecked in a shower of lager whilst djing with my partner in crime at the time-25 years ago-Bob Povey who went on to Bump and Hustle fame and more.Needless to say I sank into obscurity as I continued to thrash hard core latin and jazz to an ever dwindling minority-but thats another story.

Track(s) below:

Robin Jones - My Summer Love
Robin Jones - Urubu


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