Ghost - Freedom Of Thought, dropping June 9


01. thought police intro
02. return journey
03. it’s all love
04. elevate
05. the day after
06. invisible world
07. feel pain
08. move strong
09. daze
10. frozen in time
11. day dreaming
12. from the beginning
13. see you crying
14. s’all good
15. way you feel
16. remember
17. road to somewhere
18. alive

Ghost (Simon Williamson) produces the kind of smoke-filled-room instrumental hip-hop that owes equally to fellow Brits like RJD2 and Bonobo, as it does to its US counterparts like DJ Shadow and Blockhead. Freedom Of Thought is basically part one of an album-of-the-same-name, which is as yet unreleased here, but is available in Japan. Getting to the music, the booming soulful strings of Feel Pain and psychedelic rush of Way You Feel both pin down Williamson’s adeptness at producing big, enthralling instrumental tracks with a bohemian flavour, while S’All Good featuring Finale, and Elevate Remix featuring Jehst, show he is still more than capable of making beats for MCs. The latter in particular is an stirring slice of mystical boom-bap. Freedom Of Thought retains the night-time, street-stalking feel of 2008’s Seldom Seen Often Heard, and compounds Williamson’s place at the heart of the UK’s “musical” hip-hop celebrity.


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