Ino Hidefumi - Living Message

"Ino Hidefumi" just puts Pete Rock, Hi-tek, and DJ Premier to shame! You can run fellas, but for damn sure, your not be able to hide from the "yellow beat babies!" We comin after all you ni66az, wit a vengence! No sampling here folks, Ino Hidefumi's music is all live instruments, ALL the time!

Ino Hidefumi-Living Message [2008]

01. Suicide is Painless Ft. J. Mandel
02. The Way is The Way is The Way
03. Loving Message
04. Living Message
05. Blood is thicker than Water Ft. R. Faith
06. Manai
07. Theme of 2 White Deers
08. Sentimental Walk Ft. V. Cosma
09. Escape into hope
10. Serendipity
11. In a Perfect World
12. ’’Ainosanka’’-Bonus Track- Ft. M. Monnot

Track(s) below:
Ino Hidefumi - Blood is thicker than water
Ino Hidefumi - Manai

Vid(s) below:
ライジング 2007 INO hidefumi MC-愛の讃歌/Hymne a L'amour (live)


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