Shirley Scott - Latin Shadows

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Shirley Scott for Impulse from 1965.
Reposted from OIR August 2006.

A lovely piece of organ led loungecore jazz arranged and conducted by Gary McFarland with Bob Thiele on prodction duties from 1965 on Impulse.Our girl Shirl (she was married to Stanley Turrentine from 61-71)is on B3 supported by McFarland,Bob Cranshaw,Willie Rodrigues,Mel Lewis and Jim Raney who are also joined by a string section on some cuts.This album features the insanely catchy "Hanky Panky"and a great version of "Soul Sauce".

This is what dusty groove had to say about it:
A great album from Shirley Scott - with some excellent arrangements by Gary McFarland! We've always felt that Shirley plays best when she's not leading the group -- when someone else is handling the arrangements, so that she can groove mightily on her own -- and this album is a perfect illustration of that fact! The album has a sparkling bossa and 60s groove finish -- similar to McFarland's albums for Verve at the time -- and Shirley's light touch on the Hammond really makes the whole thing dance nicely! Tracks include a sweet version of "Soul Sauce", plus covers like "Can't Get Over the Bossa Nova", "Downtown", and "Dreamsville". Also includes "Latin Shadows", a great original by McFarland.

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Track(s) below:
Shirley Scott - Hanky Panky
Shirley Scott - Feelin Good


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