Michael Jackson - Music & Me (1973)

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Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

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Music & Me was the third solo album by American singer Michael Jackson that was on the rampage on April 13, 1973 in Motown label. Since Jackson was on a world tour with his brothers as a member of The Jackson 5, promotion on this album was limited and only one song, the Stevie Wonder cover, "With a Child's Heart", was released as a single. Jackson took two years to work on a follow-up album that focused on his maturing voice which became, Forever, Michael. Now, here are the tracks of his album. With a Child’s Heart, Up Again, All The Things You Are, Happy, Too Young, Doggin’ Around, Johnny Raven, Euphoria, Morning Glow, and Music and Me. Having the album of the King of Po was a great fulfillment.

1. "With a Child's Heart"
2. "Up Again"
3. "All the Things You Are"
4. "Happy"
5. "Too Young"
6. "Doggin' Around"
7. "Johnny Raven"
8. "Euphoria"
9. "Morning Glow"
10. "Music and Me"

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