Macross Frontier OST 2

Press Release:
The much-anticipated Macross Frontier OST II contains 20 tracks of music and songs from the second half the series. I absolutely loved the Macross Frontier anime, since I really like sci-fi, space operas, and mecha series, and Macross Frontier is all three. Macross Frontier had mind-blowing visuals and great music as well. In comparison to the music and animation, the story was not as strong, but it was not bad enough to drag down the series. Anyways, we are talking about the second OST here, not the series. The first Macross Frontier OST was excellent, and this newly released OST II definitely follows the path of its predecessor. Here is what I thought of each of the tracks in the OST. I'm mostly interested in the vocal songs, but I'm comment on the background music as well.

1. Prologue F
2. Northern Cross
3. Triangler
4. High School Life
5. Transformation
6. Anata no Oto
7. Test Flight Delight
8. Seikan Hikou
9. Inu Mimi Ranka
10. Yousei
11. Tsuioku no Trumpet
12. Shinkuu no Diamond Crevasse
13. Ai Oboete Imasuka ~ bless the little queen
14. Ao no Ether
15. is this LOVE?
16. shadow of Michael
17. Aimo O.C.
18. Battle Frontier
19. Nyan Nyan Service Medley
20. Protoculture

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