LEMS - Ping Pong Groove (2009)

Just released five days ago, from "GREEN PIECE" records. This album maybe one of the BEST mix tape of 2009, that i've heard coming out of Japan of 2009! Mixed to perfection! Jazzy sport has been doing mix tapes since day one, but it seems they have fallin off a bit, this year. LEMS just puts "mixtapes" back into perspective, so Jazzy Sport better wake up!

Don't get it twisted though, LEMS makes his own beats too, and they are far from WACK!

Review Score:
4.25 yellow babies out of 5!!

Artist: LEMS
Title: Ping Pong Groove
Genre: Hip Hop/ Neo Future/ Jazz/ Mix
Release Date: June 01 2009

01.Hello Radio (intro)
02.Hello Beat 3 / LEMS feat. Naoyuki Takano
03.I'm Walking / Perquisite feat.Benjamin Harman
04.Hello Beat / LEMS feat. Naoyuki Takano
05.Here They Come / UNWRAPPED
06.Cubano Chant / cal tjader (ah one, two mix)
07.Follow Me / Red Astaire
08.A Tribute To TROY / J-Rawls
09.Satisfied / J-Live
10.We Run Things / Da Bush Babees (remixed by LEMS)
11.Jazz Studies 4 / Staffro
12.break roads / riow arai
13.Hot winter's day / Prefuse 73
14.Busy Signal / DAEDELUS (Prefuse 73 remix)
15.Apple Jam / LEMS
16.Duplex / Moonstarr
17.The Twister / Hans Koller (Moonstarr remix)
18.Camouflage / Youngblood Brass Band
19.Decisions / George Adams=Don Pullen Quarter
20.Shihab's Habit / Povo
21.Cubana / Gerardo Frisina
22.Cubano Chant / Ennio Styles (SHQ remix)
23.Moonlight / Nu Tropic
24.A Festa / funkestra
25.Routine jazz presents super lounge lesson 1 / KOBAYASHI kei
26Everything's goin' to the beat / DHARMA B meets ACE OF CLUB.
27.New Morning / Cool Drive Makers (Routine Jazz remix)
28.Give it upor turnit a loose / James Brown (Fantasisita re-formation)
29.Lua / Wagon Cookin'

Preview Track list below:
1. Here they come - Unwrapped
2. Moonlight - Nu tropic
3. Shihab's Habit - Povo
4. Cubano Chant - Ennio Styles (SHQ remix)
5. Duplex - moonstar
6. The Twister - Hans koller
7. A tribute to TROY - J-Rawls


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