DJ Mitsu The Beats - A Word To The Wise (w/ beat baby exclusive trackz!)

01. Intro
02. A Word To The Wise feat. Grap Luva
03. Ridin’ Around feat. Kev Brown & Cy Young
04. (UNTITLE) feat. LMNO
05. Play Wit Crime feat. Maspyke
06. Promise In Love feat. Jose James
07. Night in Vienna
08. The Way feat. Colonel Red
09. Hard Candy feat. Mathematik
10. The Game Changer Feat.Wild Child & Georgia Anne Muldrow
11. Free Your Mind feat. Black Spade
12. Tokyo Girl feat. Maspyke
13. (UNTITLE) feat. elzhi (Slum Village)
14. Dim Skyline feat. Mark de Clive-Lowe
15. Impulze feat. Mathematik
16. Re-Estimate
17. Ex Lovers feat. Dynamic Duo
18. Playing Again feat. Ivana Santilli

Another great album from DJ Mitsu the Beats, that just dropped in Japan, a week ago! We got two exclusive beat baby edited tracks!! That's right folks, we got an exclusive "The Game Changer" instrumental! No where on planet earth does this instrumental exist right now, except for here on this blogspot!

You betta call Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, becuz they missin out on that YELLOW fever! Enjoy!!

Track(s) below:
DJ Mitsu the beats - The Game Changer (instrumental)
DJ Mitsu the beats - Promise in love (Beat baby edit)


Word of Advice

We don't upload any of the links in this blog because, their are too many floating around anyway, and it's a waste of time. Some do it for points, while some do it for money. Well we don't do it that way here, as long as we can share and let you know what's cracking with those albums we're happy. These guys don't get a lot of exposure, and for damn sure some of them will never graze the mainstream air wave. By the way not sure if anyone actually read this stuff, but if you made it this far, The Beat Dangler thanks you.


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