Depapepe - Depanatsu ~ Drive! Drive!! Drive!! (2008)

Press release:
Depapepe is the transliteration of the Japanese name (デパペペ) for the acoustic guitar musical duo of Takuya Miura (born April 5th, 1983) and Yoshinari Takuoka (born on July 15th, 1977). The duo formed in 2002. They released three indies before their major debut, which collectively reached sales figures of about 100,000.

They made their major debut in 2005 with their album “Let’s Go!!!”, and ranked within the top 10 of Oricon’s Instrumental Artist Debut Chart. The band’s name was cobbled together by combining the Japanese word for overbite, ‘deppa’, because of Miura’s overbite, and the name of Takuoka’s previous band ‘DERUPEPE’.

Contrary to a popular rumor circulating among their fans, the two guitarists are not brothers. They are signed onto Sony Music Japan.

01 ラハイナ(CW version) (5'58)
02 Sky! Sky! Sky! (4'36)
03 Over the Sea (3'37)
04 FLOW (3'54)
06 SLOW SUNSET (3'40)
07 Happy Shine (1'30)
08 光ノサキへ (2'55)
09 さざなみ splash ver. (4'02)
10 SUNSHINE SURF!!(CW version) (5'38)
11 星の数だけ願いは届く (4'16)
12 ひと夏の恋 (2'55)
13 Sky!Sky!Sky! ’07 ver. (4'34)

Preview Tracks below:


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