Alchemist - Chemical Warfare (2009)

My Thoughts;
Talib Kweli, Blu, and Krs-one are featured here

Press Release:
Alan Daniel Maman (born October 14, 1975), better known as the Alchemist, is a hip hop producer and emcee. He hails from affluent Beverly Hills, California.[1] After rising to prominence in the late 1990s as a close associate of Dilated Peoples and Mobb Deep, he went on to produce many of hip hop's leading artists in the 2000s, and has been hailed as one of the genre's leading producers.[2]

01. Intro
02. ALC Theme feat. Kool G Rap
03. Lose Your Life feat. Snoop Dogg, Pusha T & Jadakiss
04. Chemical Warfare feat. Eminem
05. Grand Concourse Benches feat. KRS One
06. Therapy feat. Evidence, Blu, Talib Kweli & Kid Cudi
07. That’ll Work feat. Three 6 Mafia & Juvenile
08. Smile feat. Maxwell & Twista
09. Keep The Heels On feat. Prodigy
10. Acts Of Violence feat. Gangrene (Oh No & Alchemist)
11. Lights, Cameras, Action feat. Lil’ Fame
12. Some Gangster Shit feat. Fabolous
13. On Sight feat. Dogg Pound & Lady Of Rage
14. Take A Look Back
15. Under Siege feat. Gangrene (Oh No & Alchemist) [Bonus Track]

4.0 yellow babies out of 5

Tracks Below:


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