1000 Names - Toys Room Combat

Press Release:
We have been backing the space-age duo that is 1000 Names since our man in Sofia (Jamez Bongg) introduced us way back in the Merry Makers 001 days..Since then EBS have been bang on anything they do…The boys have just dropped their debut album on Eklektik Records. Toys Room Combat is on some next shit..so do you self a favour and sort your self out with a copy!

The Toys Room Combat features the 1000 Names & C.Monts Collaborative track , Simmer Down..one more reason to cop the goodness!

Track List:
1. Intro (2:10)
2. Whiz Bang Scienze (3:01)
3. It Started As A Remix (1:29)
4. Rhythmatic Train Behaviour (2:40)
5. Cloudride (with 215 TFK) (2:28)
6. Meee-Loooo-Deee (1:34)
7. Remixing In The Block With Dena (1:46)
8. Pum (3:31)
9. Monobinate (3:17)
10. What Is Like (2:21)
11. Roccin On Ur Radio (2:30)
12. NN (with Jackhigh) (2:30)
13. Plush Save (3:07)
14. He's just Who! (2:38)
15. In Unfunky UFO (3:15)
16. Three That Shift (3:23)
17. Puppies (2:37)
18. We Can Only Speculate (2:27)
19. Ant On My Button (3:31)
20. Sonotron (2:24)
21. 80's Debut (2:29)
22. Simmer Down (with C.Monts) (3:35)
23. Toys Room Combat (3:19)
24. Distant Call (3:51)
25. Outro (1:54)

Track(s) below:
1000 names - Three that Shift
1000 names - Plush Save


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