Futuristic Honda Fuzo Hover Concept Car Design

Futuristic Honda Fuzo Hover Concept Car Design:

We have always heard and fantasized that we will have flying cars in future which will take us to the skies. Now, it appears that time is quite near. Designer John Mahieddine has build a concept design for Honda which is a hover car.

Named as ‘Honda Fuzo‘, the car is vertical take off and landing VTOL hover car which can speed upto 350 mph. It has four high powered turbines for fast speed and horizontal flight. It has two joystick controls for speed, thrust and steering.

The car is still concept design, just in the mind of designer and away from the production process. It has two joysticks on either side of the driver’s seat on the armrests. Left joystick functions to spin the car on its axis and right joysticks enables to mange tilt and direction. Power and brake controlling pedals are present on the floor.

It has two safety systems to keep it safe from any damage or accident. One, Fly-by-Wire system that functions via GPS and keeps cars from hitting each other. Two, Airbags that open inside and outside to protect the driver, the car and any person in front of the car in an air collision.

And if you don’t feel the whole hovering thing, then you can drive on the ground with the retractable wheels. It is made of carbon fibre, Kevlar, and carbon nano-tubes. The canopy give comfort to the driver and two passengers.

Overall, it is a dream car and I would definitely love to get my hands on it if it becomes a reality. It gives a nostalgia of futuristic cars from computer games and Oh yeah also resembles cars from star trek.


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