DJ Deckstream - Nikki Jean - Exit Sign (instrumental)

No, this album isn’t “Japanese-y.” All tracks feature American artists, including rappers Mos Def and Substantial, and RnB legends such as Nikki Jean and T-Boz. Every song has a kick ass beat, one of which samples from Changes by Tupac Shakur.

Track List:

  1. Screwtape feat. L-Universe (03:02)
  2. Unconditional Love feat. Nice (03:58)
  3. Exit Sign feat. Nikki Jean (03:58)
  4. Around We Go feat. Novel (03:19)
  5. Recall The Scene feat. Junji Chiba (03:53)
  6. For My Ladies feat. Melodee (04:02)
  7. Real Thang feat. N’Dea Davenpo (From The Brand New Heavies) (04:18)
  8. Life Is Good feat. Mos Def (04:14)
  9. This Is feat. Spree Wilson (03:14)
  10. Destination Sky feat. Substant (03:42)
  11. Someday feat. T-Boz (From the legendary TLC) (03:54)
  12. Funny Love feat. Milka (05:20)
Track(s) Below:

DJ Deckstream - Nikki Jean - Exit Sign (instrumental)


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